Why Having an Insurance Policy Can Save Your Relationship?

In your wedding vow, you promised each other to have and to hold, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. Congratulations, but do you have adequate insurance? 


Imagine, losing the love of your life because you didn’t sign them up for an insurance plan and now hospital bills are eating up your savings, making you broke and financially unstable as a couple. 


Imagine driving to your favorite destination with your spouse, then an accident happens, or you are stopped by a traffic police office and you had not insured your car. 

In either scenario, not having an insurance policy is jeopardizing your relationship – problems and arguments can cause relationship breakups, do not let insurance be one of the reasons you lose each other. 


To save yourself from such challenges and embarrassment, here is what insurance you need as a couple and why. 


1.    Medical Insurance


Life is completely unpredictable, you, your spouse or your children if you have any can fall sick at any time. You do not want to gaze at each other when this happens. Today, medical treatments are so expensive. If you want to get treated in a good hospital you should not contemplate whether to invest in a health insurance policy or not. A medical cover is designed to give you peace of mind regarding the health and well-being of you and your family. Different service providers like AAR Insurance, allow you to access quality inpatient and outpatient services from a wide range of trusted healthcare providers including hospitals, clinics, doctors, and specialists. Sign up on one today! 


2.    Life Insurance


No one truly knows what tomorrows hold. This is why you need life insurance as a couple. This is designed to protect your family and the people depending on you for financial support in the event you lose your income due to critical illness or untimely demise. When you were single, you probably had no one depending on you, but now you are two and likely depending on each other for support. In the event, anything happens to your income or one of you passes away. Having life insurance is a fundamental part of having a sound financial plan for you as a couple. 


3.    Personal Accident


An Accident can be a financial emergency in no time. Having a Personal Accident Cover provides monetary compensation in the event of bodily injuries, disability, or death caused by violent, accidental, external, or visible means, all subject to the option that you select. The benefits include permanent or total disability tuition expenses following an accident, dental/optical injury treatment, emergency accidental medical expenses artificial, appliances and funeral expenses. You can also choose to take up a group personal accident cover that provides compensation to a group of people, such as a family.


4.    Home cover 


As a couple, one of the things you cherish is the place you call home. Your home, not only has all your most important belongings but also memories and comfort. Therefore, it is important that you fully secure what you cherish with a home cover. The cover depending on who offers it to you contains a building and content insurance that secures your valued property inside the building. Besides, with a home plan, you get access to a certain amount of cover which you can use to rebuild your home should disaster strike. That way, you get to protect your family and keep it intact even in the face of tragedy.