17 Costs Arising Out of Treatment That Your Insurance Will Not Be Responsible For.

Yes, your insurer can say No to some costs which arise out of treatment. Typically, your health insurance covers most doctors and hospital visits, drugs prescriptions, wellness care and medical devices.


However, not everything is covered. Below find 17 costs that will or may arise out of treatment that your insurance will not be responsible for;


1.    All costs related to interest charged and legal fees arising out of overdue medical accounts.

2.    All costs relating to appointments not kept or canceled.

3.    Costs relating to treatment consequential to medical procedures or treatment for which the Policy does not pay.

4.    Any care as may be determined to be not medically necessary.

5.    Sleep apnoea, sleep-related breathing disorders, snoring, or insomnia.

6.    Any journey, activity, action or pursuit undertaken against the advice of a medical practitioner, specialist/ consultant, registered nurse or therapist.

7.    Journeys from the country of residence, specifically made to obtain medical treatment.

8.    Treatment by a medical practitioner, specialist or consultant who is in any way related to the insured person.

9.    Experimental or unproven treatment unless given specific pre-authorization.

10. Treatment incurred as a result of the removal of a donor organ from a donor, or treatment for removal of an organ from an insured person for purposes of transplantation into another person and any complications arising thereafter.

11. All costs arising from the release of weapon/s of mass destruction, (nuclear, biological or chemical) whether such involves an explosive sequence/s or not.

12. All costs arising from contamination from chemical, biological and nuclear materials, including water products from the combustion of nuclear fuel.

13. Treatment in hydro, spa, health farm or similar establishment.

14. All costs for the boarding of the parent for children over twelve years old.