Control your medical cover from the  palm of your hand <br> *253#

Control your medical cover from the palm of your hand

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Protect What Matters Most

Protect What Matters Most

AAR Insurance Unlimicare cover


AAR Unlimicare is a revolutionary health insurance cover designed to give you and your family freedom to enjoy your medical benefits without any limit restrictions.

With AAR Unlimicare cover, you now have peace of mind knowing the benefits you purchased are the full benefits you get.

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1. Contact with an infected person with COVID-19 virus through coughing or sneezing
2. Contact with contaminated surfaces or articles with COVID-19 virus

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Frequently asked question

M-TIBA is a platform that allows you to access your medical scheme. M-TIBA is accessed by dialing *253# from your mobile phone.

  • M-TIBA allows you to access your medical benefit on your phone.
  • M-TIBA allows you to control the medical benefit from your phone via a PIN and initiating treatments from your phone.
  • The member gets an SMS notification after very utilization.
  • The member can view benefit balances on the M-TIBA menu via their phone.
  • The member can view his/her dependents eligible to be treated on the benefit on their phone.
  • Your utilization is real-time, and the balances are adjusted after every treatment.

Your fingerprint data will be captured during your first visit to the provider. Any subsequent visit will only be for verification purpose.