Doctor’s Indemnity Cover

Doctor’s Indemnity Cover

Doctor’s Indemnity Cover

What is covered?

We cover legal liability arising out of negligence on the part of the doctor(s) in the course of their professional duties.

This is negligence which results in:

  • Bodily injury (accidental death, injury, disease, illness, mental injury, mental anguish or shock); and

Costs and expenses incurred (with the insurance company’s consent) in defense or settlements of a claim against the doctor.


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The following medical practitioners can be covered:

  1. Dentists
  2. Dermatologists
  3. Radiologists
  4. Surgeons
  5. Gynecologists
  6. Pathologists
  7. ENT Surgeons Pediatricians • General Practitioners
  8. Cardiologists

Implied Terms

In a contract between a professional and a client, there usually exist implied terms which demand that reasonable care be exercised in the delivery of services.

Progressively, client expectations are increasing due to a number of factors.

These include:

  1. Technological advances
  2. The Consumer Protection Act 2012 
  3. Access to information
  4. A more intrusive media
  5. Increase in the size of court awards

Without a measure of what constitutes reasonable care and skill, disputes are inevitable.

This has serious financial implications on medical practitioners’ finances and practice. Funeral Expenses

Steps to take in the event that things go wrong:

  1. Make clear records of the event while things are still fresh in the mind. Ensure that you keep all copies in a secure, personal place.
  2. Write to us formally, informing us of the event.
  3. Do not admit liability. Do not make any offer/promise/payment or engage in any correspondence with a complainant without our written consent.
  4. Do not incur any legal expenses that you intend to claim without our approval.
  5. Do not respond to any third party correspondence. Instead, forward them to us immediately so that we can respond on your behalf.
  • Doctor’s Indemnity Cover